Website Promotion through Article Submission

web promotionThere are various techniques which can help you gain higher SEO rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN. However, one of the most popular and widely acceptable techniques is Article Promotion.

Search engines are designed in order to provide correct and informative content to the search engine users. Article promotion is one of the SEO Promotion techniques which have been appreciated by all search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and several others. However, search engines do not like duplicate content. Therefore, if you are planning to promote your business website then try to submit unique articles to different websites rather than sticking with one or two.

Search engines will give ranking preference to your articles if they have following traits:-

a) Unique
b) Informative
c) Having right Keyword Density (2-5%)

Following is the list of various article websites where you can go and submit your articles. Article submission will help your website to gain higher SEO rankings as compared to directory submission.

Web Directory submission was widely acceptable and popular way back in 2005, but in the current scenario search engines are no appreciating directory submissions. Instead, natural optimization technique such as article promotion is appreciated by all major search engines.

Following are some of the websites where you can submit your articles in order to achieve higher SEO rankings.

  1. ArticleBase
  2. Web Pro News
  3. Acs Publications
  4. Article Biz
  5. GoArticles
  6. The Whir
  7. WebProNews
  8. Article Blast
  9. Dev Pointer
  10. All Merchants
  11. ArticleDashboard
  12. SearchWarp
  13. PubsACS
  14. Self SEO
  15. www.isnare.com
  16. Buzzle
  17. Associated Content
  18. Article Sphere
  19. ArticleCity
  20. IdeaMarketers
  21. Web Know How
  22. Free Article Zone
  23. Site Reference
  24. Article Marketer
  25. Article Alley
  26. Articles Beyond Better
  27. Expert Articles
  28. Web Source
  29. Amazines
  30. TheWhir
  31. Business Know How
  32. Excellent Guide
  33. Directory Gold
  34. Work At Home
  35. Articles Factory
  36. SelfGrowth

Along with Article Promotion you can also use Social Bookmarking to promote your website.

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I do hope that you will like this article. If you want to suggest any article website then please add your comment.