Google Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Factors by SEO Service Company

Achieving top 10 search engine rankings on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo is a dream of every single business owner. Search Engines like to spider and rank websites which have quality content and are popular. This is the main challenge posed by search engine developers to give higher SEO rankings to quality websites and to filter out websites which do not deserve to be on the top search engine pages (Pages 1-2-3 etc) of Google, Yahoo, MSN and several others. It is not too difficult to improve your website’s organic search engine rankings. However, there are some basic rules and guidelines which you need to follow. Search Engine Optimization is the process which is used in order to achieve top SEO rankings on various search engines. This process is mainly divided into two phases: a) On-Page Optimization and b) Off-Page Optimization. On-Page Optimization deals with anything and everything within the coding part of your website/webpage including your content. Off-page optimization deals with SEO techniques which are not related to the coding/content part of your website. Let us examine some of the SEO ranking factors which can help your website to score better rankings on search engines. These basic factors can help your website to achieve top rankings on search engines.

+ (Positive SEO Scoring) You will receive these positive SEO points if you use these techniques wisely (or following search engine guidelines).
– (Negative SEO Scoring) You will receive negative SEO points if you don’t use them wisely.(trying to manipulate search engine results)



TITLE tag is surely one of the most important HTML tag which is part of On-Page Optimization. Your website’s TITLE tag acts as an entry point for all major search engine crawlers including Google, Yahoo, Bing and various others. The text or keywords embedded in your website’s TITLE tag helps search engines to locate your webpage for specific set of keywords. If you notice you will see TITLE tags appearing in bold text within the search engine results. + 9.5/10
SEO Hawk Advice: Choose TITLE tag wisely, and do not overload or overstuff your TITLE tag with unnecessary keywords. Only focus on main keywords. Keep your TITLE tag less than 70 Keywords.


If your website TITLE has text related Popcorn services and your page has content related to Pizza Services (+ Free Home Delivery) then your chances of scoring top rankings for popcorn related keywords are dim . Therefore, make sure that your content is reflecting what is mentioned in your TITLE tag. However, using semantically related terms can help you gain higher rankings for different variations of the same keyword. For example, search engine marketing services and search engine positioning company can be considered as semantically related keywords. They both share a common keyword “search engine” between them. + 8/10
-5 to -10/10
SEO Hawk Advice:Don’t indulge into Body text keyword stuffing. It will only lower your rankings. If your content is related to whats mentioned in the TITLE tag then you will have natural keyword density (ie 2-5 % of your content). There are no fixed rules, but keep your content natural and it should resemble what text you have in your TITLE tag.
Your overall negative score will be calculated on several factors such as authority of your website, and domain trust.

3) KEYWORDS IN TAGS H1, H2, H3, H4 Strong, Bold, Italic, etc

These tags used to help websites to achieve higher rankings (Before 2006). However in the last few years, search engines have started to nullify their SEO effect. These tags can help if used in a natural fashion. If you have stuffed your page with unnecessarily with bold, H1, H2 tags then search engines will deliver “EXTREMELY LOW” rankings. + 3-4/10
-8 to -10/10

4) KEYWORDS IN DOMAIN NAME (ie www. Keyword-service .com)

TITLE tag is one of the most important aspect of On-Page Optimization. Your website’s TITLE is the main entry point for all major search engines across the globe. The text or keywords which you use in your TITLE helps search engines to locate your webpage and to help your site achieve better search engine rankings for its targeted keywords/business services or products. The TITLE tags appear in bold text within the search engine results.If your domain name is “www.search-engine-optimization-ranking-seo-services-company .com” then you will receive negative points in the initial phase. Once your website establishes its authority, it could be possible that you score high rankings, but chances are dim. + 8-9/10
SEO Hawk Advice: You could receive positive score for using (1-2-3 or 4 (MAX) Keywords in the domain). If you use more than 4-5 keywords then it will could result in negative score.You should always use less number of keywords for best results.

5) KEYWORDS IN WEBPAGE URL (ABC .com /marketing-services-company)

Including keywords in the url will help your website to achieve better search engine rankings. It will also give benefits from users who link to your url directly (without using anchor text). You can use hyphens or underscore between different keywords for your webpage url.. + (3-4/10)
(-4 to -5/10)
SEO Hawk Advice:Both Google and Yahoo used to give preference to this particular aspect, but currently you can expect more benefits from Google as compared to Yahoo. Most of the companies use this technique to gain higher SEO rankings.


The keywords within Image Titles and Alt text are useful for image search rankings. If you are having jewelry related website, then it is possible that several users will your image search to find jewelry related products. (Image Search)+ 8/10
(Web Search): -4/10


Meta Description tag is important from SEO viewpoint. It can help you gain higher rankings on search engines. Using a good description text will also help in improving CTR (Click through Rates) on search engines. The text from this particular tag is also displayed within the SERPS pages. + 5-6/10


This particular tag has become redundant in the last 1-2 years. Search engines are almost ignoring this tag. + 1/10
(-5 to -6/10)
SEO Hawk Advice: This tag has been exploited in the past. This is the reason why search engines have made this tag redundant.


If your website has a higher SEO authority then it will surely help. If you have recently launched your website, then it won’t help you. A popular and a high authority site can achieve top rankings for several pages using internal linking techniques. + 3-4/10
-1 to 0/10
SEO Hawk Advice: Make sure your website’s link structure is easy to crawl to ensure that the entire website gets crawled. Using proper link structure will help your website to achieve higher SEO rankings.


It is perceived as important by search engines. Most of the webpages which are old and have quality content will rank higher. However, in the past few months search engines are showing more inclination towards Fresh pages with quality content rather than old pages. Search engines, particularly Google give more preference to fresh pages as compared to old ones. Yahoo on the other hand gives preference to old groggy pages. However, you cannot make your page look older seo age, and therefore 0 penalty for having a new webpage. + 2-5/10


There is an old saying in SEO industry that “Content is king” content is king . If your content is good, then you will automatically gain links. Once you gain links your content becomes king and scores higher rankings on search engines. However, if your website has an SEO authority then your quality content will rank higher on search engines (irrespective of whether you have links pointing back to your webpage or not). + 8-9/10
(-8 to -10/10)
SEO Hawk Advice: Use original and good quality content, otherwise you could receive severe SEO penalty for having duplicate or spammy content. If your company website has good quality content, then it could help you gain higher SEO rankings.


If your website’s content gets updated regularly ( ie addition of new content), then you can expect some Bonus points from search engines. Search engines give more preference to pages which are fresh in content. + 2-3/10
SEO Hawk Advice: If you are not able to update your content on regular basis then you wont receive any penalties. seo penalty


W3C validation is not an SEO standard. It is just a way of making your website 100% error-free. If your website has 0 html errors and appears consistently across all major web browsers then it will surely help your visitors. It is more related to the visitors of your website rather than search engine crawlers. + 1/10
SEO Hawk Advice:If your website is conforming to SEO guidelines then you dont need to worry about W3C Validation. Sometimes website owners receive penalties due to unknown programming and html errors on the site. Having a W3C validated site will help to ensure that your website is 100% error free.If you leave your <H1> tag unclosed, then it could be mistaken as a SPAM attempt by search engines. Therefore having a W3C only ensures that you wont receive any penalties related to operational aspect of your website.



Global Link popularity of your webpage is an important SEO ranking factor. If your webpage/website receives several backlinks from quality websites/forums/blogs/directories, then you will score top rankings on search engines. On the other hand, if you have automated your back linking process using some link building software, then it will hit your website back like a boomerang. Any popular webpage or website has several thousand links pointing to it. Therefore search engines can easily pick up content which has natural link popularity.You should also get back links from websites which are related to your business theme. For example, internet marketing services are somewhat related to website marketing services. Similarly a web design specialist, web development and promotion, flash design expert, and web programming companies fall into same SEO category. However, a charity and a gambling site are not related to each other. If you have a website dedicated to children’s book and are receiving back links from gambling sites then search engines will ignore your back links. This could also result in lowering SEO Trust Rank of your website.Other factors such as Anchor Text of inbound links (+ SEO Score : 8-9/10), Age of inbound links (+ 4-5/10), and text surrounding the link (+ 6-7/10) have their own importance in improving search engine rankings of your website. + 8-9/10
– 3 to -4/10
SEO Hawk Advice: Building back links from unrelated/poor/spammy/link-farms won’t help your website in any way.
Special Note: There is one great misconception among webmasters that getting back links from a higher page rank (PR) webpage will help you in the SEO process. The truth is that, your page rank has no relationship with the actual rankings of your website. Further, page rank from another website can only help to improve your page rank, but it cannot help to improve your SERPS.


The age of your domain plays a crucial role in the SEO process. However, if you have stuffed your website with duplicate content and expecting to see miracles duplicate contentafter 4-5 years, then you are mistaken.On the other hand a website which has quality content and was launched 2-3 years back will rank higher as compared to new websites. However, there are no fixed rules.There is no way to increase the age of your website domain. Therefore you wont receive any penalties seo penaltyhere for having a new website. + 8-9/10
– None


If your website is acquiring new inbound links from quality sites on regular basis then it will boost your SEO rankings. If your website is receiving new back links then it proves to search engines that your website has quality content and is helpful to the visitors. Remember “Content is King”, but quality Inbound Links can also make your “Content Appear as King” on search engines. king content + 5-6/10
– None


This is one of the new techniques which are used by search engines to identify popular websites and non-popular ones. For example, there are evidences that Google might be using parameters such as Bounce Rates, Direct Visits, and some other to grant authority status to your website. Read more about Bounce rates and SEO at: http://www.seohawk.com/blog/google-bounce-rate-and-seo-rankings/ (Google can easily collect this data from Google Toolbar, Clicks in SERPS etc seo traffic) + 8-9/10
– None
Special Note : Clicking on your site a Million times wont help. So sit back and enjoy your beer. seo advice.


DMOZ stands for Directory Mozilla or Open Directory Project, but each time you hear this name, it will sound more like something related to Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs as we all know were quite big in size and ruled the earth for several million years before they became extinct. Similarly DMOZ ruled the SEO industry, but it hasn’t became extinct yet. To get your website listed under DMOZ was the first priority of SEO optimizers way back in 2004-2005. However, DMOZ has become the last priority of SEO optimizers in 2008-2009. Some of the reasons why DMOZ lost its importance (similar to the extinction of Dinasaurs) are as given below:-a) Sleepy Editors who wake up once in every 2 years and then go to sleep again. b) Outdated links within important categories. Several links are outdated and it hardly get updated. c) A website’s SEO fate can never depend on whether your site is listed in DMOZ or not.However, having a DMOZ listing within a specific region does help a lot. Take for example, you provide travel services within a specific region (New York), and your website is listed under Travel > New York category then it will give boost to your rankings within New York region.However, the approval of your website listing depends upon the sleeping cycle of the editors. If an editor hasn’t gone to sleep then you can expect to see some miracles ( in 4-6 months ).Before you submit your link to DMOZ, make sure to follow their guidelines.The data from DMOZ is syndicated across several directories including Google directory http://directory.google.com/ , but Google might launch its own independent directory (similar to Yahoo directory: in the near future.. +4-5/10
– None


Trust rank is the manual authority/weight which is given to any website and it does matter a lot in deciding SEO rankings of your website. + 9-10/10
– None

7) TLD EXTENSION OF YOUR DOMAIN( ie edu, gov, us, ca, com, etc)

TLD extension of your domain can help you gain quick rankings on search engines. However, it is not possible to purchase an edu domain or .gov domain. If you have a .ca (Canada) TLD extension, then your domain will rank higher on Google.ca as compared to Google.com. Similarly other domains such as .com.au (Australia), .co.uk (United Kingdom, UK), domain.fr (France) will help your site to score quick rankings on their respective country specific search engines. 5-6/10 (on country specific search engines)
– None



If your web site is not accessible or server is down on most of the occasions then you are gaining negative rankings.Other issues such as slow server response times can have negative impact on your rankings. Search engines have to crawl content within fraction of few seconds, and they cannot afford to wait 5-10 minutes if your web server responds slowly. + None
-7 to -8/10
SEO Hawk Advice: Use a reliable Web Hosting provider


Search Engines hate duplicate content, and if most of your website content is filtered out as duplicate then it will prove detrimental to SEO health of your website seo health + None
-9 to -10/10
SEO Hawk Advice: Dont use duplicate content. If you have inadvertently copied content which you found useful, then dont forget to add a link pointing back to the original document url.


If your website has external links which are pointing to low quality websites/spammy websites/ or websites with duplicate content, then you are heading at DEAD-END seo linking + None
-9 to -10/10
Special Note:On the other hand having quality external links helps to improve SEO rankings. seo linking


If your website has several pages with duplicate meta/title tags then it will lower your search engine rankings. Therefore your must ensure that most of your pages have unique TITLE / META tags. + None
-3 to -10/10
SEO Hawk Advice: Also avoid internally duplicated content as well as duplicate meta tags


Artificial Keyword Stuffing is used in order to inflate keyword density for a particular set of targeted keywords. In reality it results in lower SEO rankings. Therefore keep your keyword density natural and abstain from artificial keyword stuffing aimed at particular set of keywords. + None
-8 to -10/10
SEO Hawk Advice: Search Engines can easily detect artificial keyword stuffing aimed at particular competitive keywords.


Search engines do not entertain websites which indulge heavily in link exchanges. However, if you do link exchange carefully with related business websites then it can help. However, most of the websites should avoid link exchanges. + None
-8 to -10/10
Special Note:: Avoid Link Exchanges unless the other website owner is your business buddy seo linking

7) Inbound links from SPAM sites

Inbound links from SPAM websites could have negative impact on your TRUST RANK. However, there are cases where certain black hat SEO’s black hat seostart indulging in FREE SPAM PROMOTION for their competitors. If there is no previous history of SPAM on your website, then search engines will simply ignore the negative spam link building. On the other hand, if certain elements of spam are included/visible on your website, and you have back links from spammy sites, then it could result in a penalty.Thumb Rule to avoid being penalizedCase 1 :If your website has nothing to do with external links from SPAM Sites, then search engines will simply ignore them. If you can bring down rankings of genuine websites then every new spammy business website would have brought down rankings of existing websites within their business niche.Case 2: If your website has elements of SPAM present within the website and has a previous history of being associated with SPAMMY sites then you should put R.I.P banner on the homepage of your website. + None
-8 to -10/10
Special Note: – There are some unfortunate webmasters s who think that having a back link from low page rank (PR 0) webpage is equivalent to having a back link from SPAM site. Your website’s Page Rank (Google Page Rank) has no relationship with the actual SEO rankings of your website.

We do hope that this article will helped you in understanding search engines better. Following these basic rules you can help your website to achieve higher search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and several other search engines SEO Hawk provides SEO Services to help your site achieve better rankings on search engines.Our SEO Optimization Services will help your business to achieve higher search engine rankings on Google/Yahoo and several other search engines. Thanks for your stay .