How Accurate are Keyword Research Tools.

Everyone knows how important it is to get your website ranked near the top results on Google. However, not everyone knows the importance of selecting right keywords. Every single business owner who wants to select best set of keywords either goes to Google Keyword Research Tool or any other similar keyword research tool such as word-tracker.

However, there are various parameters which are not explained in Keyword Research Tool. Take for example, there is one particular keyword “ABC Services”. Now this ABC services are offered by 1000 websites all across USA. Each of these website owners want to get their website ranked near the top results of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

These website owners will keep optimizing their websites for top results until one day they realize that they are not generating enough queries/sales as they had expected. What are the reasons behind this low turnout of traffic/sales? Several of these questions pop-up in the mind of business owners. In the end, they feel like SEO optimization/marketing has lost its sheen. However, the truth is that these clients started-off with right set of keywords, but instead these keywords did not churn-out the level of traffic/sales they were expecting.

There are several reasons behind this unexpected behavior for few keywords. Some of the reasons are listed below:-

a) Inaccurate Keyword Research Data – Keyword Research Tool will show you traffic (Global Monthly Search) for keywords which are being searched by (1) Search Engine Users as well as (2) Marketing Companies which keep a close watch on rankings for those particular keywords. Marketing firms keep a close watch on the rankings of their client’s websites for their specific keywords.

b) Domain Knowledge – Most of the Marketing companies spend little time understanding the business they are promoting. Domain knowledge is the key to success when you are planning to market your business. Your client might be a novice in SEO, but he/she posses a level of domain knowledge which will help you select best set of keywords.

c) Local Traffic Data – Most of the keyword research tools do not give any information on the traffic emerging from one particular area/region/state. Take for example, if you are planning to optimize your website for keywords specific to New York search engine users, then you wont get this localized search data anywhere.

What are the best options available?

a)Try PPC – PPC or Pay Per Click can help you see and experience real-time traffic stats and conversions. You can immediately start picking up right keywords and can easily omit keywords which do not live upto your expections after 1-2 Months. Once you are sure about the keywords, only then you should start the actual SEO optimization.

b)Do not rely 100% on the Keyword Research Tools. Instead, use your domain knowledge and experience. If you do not posses adequate domain knowledge then you can always ask your client for advice. I am sure it will help you focus on right set of keywords and to generate more quality links and leads for your client’s website.

These two techniques which can help you pick best keywords for your website. Once your website is optimized for the right set of keywords, you will generate quality traffic, sales and conversions. On the other hand, if you end up optimizing your website for wrong set of keywords, you will surely end up wasting both your time and money on Search Engine Optimization Services.

It is always a good idea to test your keywords before you actually start surfing into the SEO waves.