Google Local Places Advertising for Business

If your business is based locally then you must get your business listed on Google Places or Maps.Google.com so that users can access your business whenever they are searching for local services. Local Listing SEO services will help to make your business accessible to your local customers. Mobile searches mainly pull their search results from local search engines. Therefore, it is important for your business to be listed on the top local search results.

google places advertising
In order to advertise your business on local search you have to make sure that your Listing is adhering to Google Guidelines.

Read Google Places Guidelines

Some of the popular tips for local search marketing are as below:-

Get listed in various local directories. You can start with the major sites like Google Local & Yahoo Local, but you’ll want to move on to some of the others such as:





a)Include the exact location of your business when registering your business on Google Places.

b)Ask your customers to post their reviews on your Google Plus pages.

c)Add images, description and videos to your Google Plus Page.

d)Use Local Phone Number on your Google Places Page for your Business.

e)Add Physical address of your business on all your pages.

f)Create Multiple Google Plus Pages for Multiple Locations – If your business is located in more than one location then you must add your business in Google Places for each location with its unique address/phone number.

g)Geo Target your PPC Ads – If your business offers services within a certain geographical area, state, or city then you must Geo-target your PPC ads to show up only to local search users.