Social Bookmarking for Higher SEO Rankings

You must have saved several useful bookmarks in your web browsers. Even I have collected a large list of most creative website on the net social bookmarking seo, but what will happen if several users located worldwide try to access and view my bookmarks. This is simply not possible due to strict internet security guidelines.

However there is another way of making your bookmarks accessible to worldwide audiences by saving your bookmarks on Social Bookmarking websites. You can not only save your favorite websites, but you can also send them to your friends. This helps to exchange bookmarks with your friends just like sharing some nice stamp collection with your friends.

Social Bookmarking is a way to store, organize, manage and search useful bookmarks from a variety of business topics arranged in specific folders or tags.

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So you can simply jump into Social Bookmarking websites to save your useful bookmarks. If you have found some useful article/video/news or anything, then you can save this link as a bookmark on a Social Bookmarking website. This will help others to view and access your saved bookmarks. If your article/blog or anything else was informative and helpful, then several other users will start linking your bookmark, thus helping you to receive clicks from several online users. Moreover links saved on Social Bookmarking websites receive instant exposure from search engines. Most of the bookmarked links are immediately crawled by search engines.

So, something that started as a way to send bookmarks to friends has now grown into social search engine. You don’t need to find a needle in a haystack. Now, you can just simply go to any Social Bookmarking site, choose the right category or tag that matches your interest, and find the most popular websites in that category.

Some of the popular Social Bookmarking websites are :-

  • Digg – Digg is a place for people to discover new website and share content from anywhere on the internet.
  • Technorati – Technorati is the most popular website that keeps you updated on what’s happening on the Web, right now.
  • Del.icio.us – Del.icio.us is a social bookmarking website which enables you store your bookmarks online and share it with your friends.
  • Mixx – Mixx is a good social bookmarking website and simple to use.
  • Propeller – Propeller is Social Bookmarking Website and is a part of the AOL Network .
  • StumbleUpon – It is a Bookmarking website that helps you discover and share good websites.
  • Reddit – This is a very popular Bookmarking website that lets you discover new websites and share it with other users.
  • Fark – Fark is a Website,which is a news aggregator and a social networking news site.
  • Mybloglog – Mybloglog lets you share your favourite Blogs and discover new ones.
  • Slashdot – Slashdot is a fusion of Article submission and a Bookmarking website and it is owned by SourceForge, Inc.
  • Kaboodle – It is a kind of social shopping community where people discover, share products that they like.
  • Bloglines – Bloglines is a website for searching, subscribing, creating and sharing news feeds, blogs and great websites.
  • Newsvine – Get latest news topic wise,also you can share news with your friends using Bookmarking.
  • Brinklist – This website allows you to save websites, share with others and you can also keep your bookmarks private.
  • Netvouz – On Netvouz you can share your bookmarks with other users and, of course also benefit from other’s bookmarks.
  • Clipmarks.com – On Clipmarks bookmarking, you can see clips of text, images or video about various topics that other people find while surfing net.
  • Furl – Furl gives you ability to save the important websites you discover on the Web and enables you to quickly find them again.
  • Mister-wong – This is a Bookmarking website that allows you to save ,share your favourite links online.
  • DZone – Dzone is a favourite links-sharing community for developers,programers .
  • Gnolia – It gives you ability to find new websites and build your online community.
  • Shoutwire – On shoutwire you can share News for the masses that you feel important.
  • Simpy – This is a simple Bookmarking website which gives option to save, search your own bookmarks and notes or browse and search other users’ links.
  • BlogMarks – Blog Marks is a collaborative link management project which allows sharing and key-word tagging for blogs.
  • Bluedot – It enables you to discover ,share websites from people like you.
  • Linkswarm -This provides bizarre news, updated every day with fresh new links.
  • Spotback – On Spotback you can add your website and allow users to rate everything that you publish.
  • Plugim – On Plugim you can ubmit content, share articles, comment and promote your favorites .
  • Mybookmarks – This website allows you to access your bookmarks online anytime, anywhere.