We Currently Do Not Support The Location on Google Places

Everybody used to hate “Blue Screen of Death” which was known as a stop error or Bug Check which used to be an error screen displayed by the Microsoft Windows Family. The worst part about this blue screen of death was that nobody knew how to resolve the problem.

we currently do not support the location

It seems that Google was feeling jealous of the Blue Screen of Death and decided to add their own share of “Bugs” just to let internet world know that they can give competition to Microsoft when it comes to introducing Bugs.

Google Places bug “We Currently Do Not Support the Location” is highly active on Google Places Account. If you have recently verified your listing, you will spot this Bug. Each time you click “See your listing on Google (i.e Google Maps)“, you will see spot a blank page with the error message. However, you should not worry about this bug as it is bound to go away once Google Support Team verifies the listing.

On the other hand, Vanessa from Google Places Team has confirmed that this message is normal and it can go away in about a week.

She said:

Have you just recently verified your listing, and your Active listing says “We currently do not support this location” on it? Please note that it may take up to a week from the time you’ve verified that listing to appear on Google Maps.

I’m looking into how we can better message that to you guys and will let you know when I have any updates.

Instead of showing this message, there could have been a better way of keeping local users updated with messages like

“Your Listing was Verified/Submitted and awaiting Manual Validation before it is available in your Local Places Account”.