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Google’s introduction of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) to its search algorithm to decide which website must rank near the top search results and which one at the bottom. Search engines regularly tweak their algorithm to introduce more and more trust factors into their algorithms. The aim is clear i.e to give priority to websites which are […]

PPC gives you better edge in local search results where you can target specific group of people within specific zip codes. Take for example, if your restaurant is delivering food items to no more than 50 miles radius then you can get edge over your competitors by setting up PPC Campaign targeting that specific area. […]

AI is being extensively used to improve search engine results for both web users as well as mobile users. With Search Data growing to over 33 Trilion search entries it is virtually impossible for anyone to steer search results and filter out spammy websites. AI is used extensively in this field where best results are […]

Search engine optimization copywriting is a step-by-step process. This guide takes you through each phase of SEO copywriting. Read Complete Article here

Google has published its annual webspam report and it is just more of the same. Google is trying to be better at detecting and blocking that look like spam.  Here are some bulleted highlights from this webspam report: Google finds 40 billion spammy pages every single day – an increase of 60% from last year […]

It is very important to have either copyright free OR images which can be shared on the web by adding a link to the author or publisher. Most of the paid image websites charge so much for the images that it is not a feasible option for small businesses. However, these websites offer high quality […]

Search engine journal brings you some of the best Chrome extensions for Digital Marketing and SEO Professionals. Whether you are digital marketing professional or SEO company these seo tools will surely help you. Find list of complete 13 Chrome Extensions 2021 by Clicking here Digital Marketing and SEO Experts, SeoHawk offers affordable SEO Packages and […]

Local Business SEO carries a significant importance for local business such as small law firms and medium-sized law firms which cater to customers within a specific geo location. It is important for local business websites to be more visible on local search results as compared to national search results. If your website is catering to […]

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most sought after website marketing services. SEO marketing has emerged as a modern age marketing tool which can help your website to generate clicks and leads online. There are several real estate agents and companies located in UK, Canada, Australia, and US which are looking for best seo […]

There are big businesses which can afford to spend thousands of dollars on search engine promotion each year. On the other hand, there are small businesses which cannot afford to spend so much money on search engine promotion or SEO services. Affordable Seo Packages 1) Starter SEO Package – (Cheapest SEO Pack from $95-$195/Month) – […]