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affordable seo packages

There are big businesses which can afford to spend thousands of dollars on search engine promotion each year. On the other hand, there are small businesses which cannot afford to spend so much money on search engine promotion or SEO services.

Affordable Seo Packages

1) Starter SEO Package – (Cheapest SEO Pack from $95-$195/Month)

– Offers complete on-site analysis and it will optimize your website for up to 5-10 Keywords [less competition keywords or branding keywords]. It will also analyze technical issues impacting rankings while building most effective SEO backlinks for your business website. This package is mainly focused on low-competition keywords i.e. keywords which are not highly competitive. If your keywords fall into this category, then this plan is most apt for your small business. This is the most affordable SEO package which will help to improve your visibility on any 1 selected search engines within the best timelines.

2) Eco SEO Package ($250-$495/Month)

Eco packages are the most popular package which offers Economical SEO Services for 10-20 Keywords medium competition keywords. Medium competition keywords are those keywords which have the moderate traffic of around 100-1000/month. This package is specifically focused on these keywords. It will be customized to meet your specific requirements and will deliver the best rankings on popular search engines including Google and Bing [any 2].

3) Pro Pack for Small & Local Business ($550-$950/Month) 

(Professional SEO Package for Small business) – This monthly package ranges from $550-$950 USD/month and will optimize a website for a set of 15-25 Competitive keywords. This package is specifically geared towards local businesses who wish to have a strong presence on local business and the regional search engines such as, or along with Most of the small businesses are focused on specific regions, and this package is most suitable for multiple businesses including:-

  1. Dental Websites
  2. Locksmith Websites
  3. Lawyers and Attorneys
  4. Repair Services
  5. Home repair services

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The search mechanisms are among the main sources of access of a customer to the channels of your company. Therefore, follow some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advice is highly recommended to improve you’re positioning on the web. SEO is the term used to define the strategies that a website uses to climb steps in search results.

According to the Search Engine Journal, 75% of users never go beyond the first page in their searches. According to the same source, between 70 and 80% of users ignore paid ads, preferring the results of organic search. Faced with this,the SEO tips are very useful and the measures show the best option to boost the results.

SEO advice for small businesses

To try to stay among the best positions using the search tools, it is worth following some SEO tips. Know below four of these and put them into practice in your online channels to improve sales results.

1. Have a link strategy

The links of your website to other related websites, and vice versa, play an important role in the online visibility of your business. In an article published in Search Engine Land , Local Search Association member Wesley Young says that these links help establish the authenticity and credibility of your business. Non-related links will negatively impact visibility over time.

2. Do not expect immediate results

Although you follow the advice of SEO, it is necessary to understand that the strategy will have long-term results and, therefore, patience is needed. In an article published in the e-Consultancy, the editor-in-chief of ClickZ , Graham Charlton, explains that it may take some time until you know positive figures, especially in more competitive areas. If you do things correctly, long-term work will pay off.

3. Optimize your web for mobile devices

Google focuses and improves the results of websites that have “mobile-friendly” content. Add a text that indicates that your content is to improve the experience of those browsing on mobile devices and your consumers can navigate through smartphones, for example. If you have questions, you can use the Google Mobile Friendly Tool , which verifies compatibility with mobile devices.

4. Create and produce quality content

It is easy to identify SEO content when articles are written by robots, and not by people, with keywords used artificially within the text. The search engines will discard content of low quality, therefore it is better to guarantee that this is good, that it generates interest and can be shared.

If you have any questions, suggestions or advice on this subject, comment below. Take the opportunity to share this article with your friends, colleagues and collaborators, through social networks.

If you have a virtual store, however small it may be, you have probably heard the word SEO more than once. This technique is essential to position your business on the Internet and grow in terms of sales, traffic and dissemination. But What is SEO and how can you use it? That’s what we’ll talk about today, in this Seo guide for small businesses.

First we will review some fundamental concepts and take a look at the statistics, to learn more about the importance and impact of this strategy in the digital era of commerce. Then we will show you how you can take advantage of seo for small companies to grow your business, and we will give you the best tips.

Here we go!

What is SEO for Small Businesses?

As you know, the acronym SEO means Search Engine Optimization (in Spanish, Optimization in Search Engines). As we explained in our blog, it is a series of strategies to favor the positioning of your business in the search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

However, these strategies do not affect large companies in the same way as local businesses on the Internet. So here you will find an effective SEO guide for small companies, so you can take advantage of the differences with the most important firms and use them in your favor to position yourself on the Web.

SEO statistics for small businesses that support the importance of this practice for your business

Having said the above, let’s get to know the most important statistics of SEO for small businesses, so that you can understand what is important in this practice for your commercial proposal, and why you should implement it immediately:

  • The 86% of consumers use the Internet to find businesses in your town .
  • The 29% of users search the Internet for information on local businesses at least once the seven days of the week.
  • The 72% of consumers say they search the Internet is your first choice to find information on local businesses.

These statistics prove that search engines, such as Google, have definitely become the primary source of information about local businesses. For this reason, implementing SEO strategies to ensure a good web positioning is currently a necessary condition to compete.

small business seo

Local business searches on Google

  • Google captures 85% of searches that happen on the Internet from computers, and 94.5% from mobile devices.
  • The 46% of searches on Google are local.
  • The 75% of users never passes from the first page of Google search results.

These numbers indicate that appearing among the top Google search results related to your niche is critical to commercial success.

What is the importance of local searches for your business?

  • The location of a business is the most sought after in the local search category.
  • Local searches take 50% of mobile phone users to visit a business within 24 hours of the search.

These statistics allow us to answer the question

What is SEO for small companies?

SEO for small businesses and local businesses is the fundamental tool to compete and reach its maximum potential in terms of user utility, dissemination and promotion of products /services.

6 Key tips to take advantage of SEO for small businesses and boost your business

affordable seo packages

After reviewing the numbers and understanding the relevance of SEO strategies for small businesses and local businesses, we will share with you the best tips to make the most of this practice for the benefit of your business. Take note!

1- Create an account on Google My Business

Google My Businnes is a fundamental tool (and free) to position your business in Google. With it you can manage your presence and information, both in the search results and in services such as Google Maps. That way you help people to find you and learn more about your business proposal.

When creating a profile in Google My Business, your tab will appear when people search your business on Google or search related to your sector. You can also keep your profile always updated to make sure you reach your audience with the right message.

2- Choose and point to the Keywords that large companies do not take into account when competing on the Internet

This type refers to the possibility of taking advantage of the Keywords or Keywords that the most important companies do not optimize for their benefit, either because they find it impossible, do not consider it necessary or have decided to postpone. These Keywords can be:

  • Searches or specific categories:  a large company dedicated to travel and tourism as Trip Advisor will optimize the keyword “Buenos Aires tourist guide”, but not more specific keywords, such as “the best antiques businesses to visit in San Telmo”Point to the specific!
  • Comparative keywords: large companies usually prefer not to compare with the competition or look at what keywords they position, but when you have a small business, this can be very useful. Keep in mind that analyzing your competitors can teach you a lot about the market and what your audience expects from you. Take a look at your competition’s website, the titles of your page and the Alt Text of your images to know which keywords you are trying to position, and match or exceed your strategy.

3- Focus on content difficult to monetize

economical seo for small business

Following the previous example, a giant site like Trip Advisor seeks to provoke more direct conversions, since it has a size and a level of diffusion such that it does not need to reaffirm its prestige or reputation. But your local business does need it!

For this reason, we recommend you optimize your content strategy so that it provides added value to users, through which you can progressively establish the authority and reliability of your business in your niche. Conduct interviews with experts, provide valuable and specific information. Be useful in a unique way.

4- Seek authority and association of brands in a very specific niche

Following what we said above, another excellent way to take advantage of your small business quality to enhance your SEO strategies is to capitalize on the specificity. For example, Trip Advisor can point to travel in general. But a small travel agency can optimize and compete on keywords such as:

  • Specific itineraries within a city, such as “old neighborhoods of Mexico City”.
  • Specific information related to your niche, such as: “Yoga Centers in Guatemala”.
  • Exclusive contents, such as “interviews with the clients of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires”.

In addition, you can generate competitive advantages such as:

  • Depth in your content, for example including numerous photos taken by you or your team, reviews and tips to visit each place.
  • Local brands, p. ex. associating with brands linked to your niche and very well positioned, in order to have a legitimate reference in your city that will not hesitate to direct your audience towards your commercial proposal.

5- Build strategic and personalized relationships

small business seo packages

Due to their size and scale of operations, large companies lack depth when building relationships with users and local businesses that may be relevant. But small companies can do it!

Thus, we recommend you take advantage of your local condition to forge interpersonal relationships in benefit of your positioning. You can partner with local brands relevant to your business, following the example could be a restaurant, and speak directly with the owners, to build strong and loyal long-term links.

6- Take the concept of Value Added to the maximum with contents that large companies miss

A great advantage of local businesses in terms of content is that they can focus on highly specific topics, much more than large companies. This is so because at scale, small companies have the real means to achieve a much greater depth in terms of specificity and added value.

So for example, we advise you to define the 10 most important keywords for your business, and provide useful, valuable, unique and specific information about each of those keywords or search terms. That way very soon you will become a referent of your niche in your city.

As you may have noticed, not all are factors against when competing with large companies in your niche. In fact, from the right perspective (which is what we try to convey in this blog post), these differences can become decisive advantages to take your commercial proposal to the top.

To finish with this article on what is SEO for small companies and why it is essential for the marketing strategy of your local business, we will say that having a good web positioning is an essential condition to reach your target audience on the Internet and compete in the market. Apply these tips and then tell us!

To learn more about positioning and SEO strategies for local businesses and businesses, we recommend the following readings of our blog:

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